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Innovator toxicity: An empirical investigation of toxic behavior and rhetoric Kathie L. Pelletier

Leadership 2010 6: 373

DOI: 10. 1177/1742715010379308

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Leader degree of toxicity: An empirical

investigation of toxic patterns

and rhetoric


6(4) 373–389

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DOI: 10. 1177/1742715010379308

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Kathie L. Pelletier

California Express University, San Bernardino, UNITED STATES


This kind of paper provides empirical support for the behavioral and rhetorical constructs associated with dangerous leadership in organizational situations. Two educational studies were conducted that examined tendencies and rhetoric of frontrunners through the contacts of harassing, bullying, destructive, toxic, and tyrannical command theories. In a qualitative examine, participants portrayed their immediate experiences with leader toxicity. Eight behavioral dimensions appeared. Integrating all those findings, a 51-item leader behavior evaluation was developed to assess agreement from the severity of harmfulness of these dimensions. Based upon the effects of these research, a typology of dangerous leader behaviours and unsupported claims was developed. Organizational implications are discussed. Keywords

abusive guidance, destructive habit, leader toxicity, toxic management

Introduction and review of the literature

Positive stories of organizational leaders might focus on leaders who motivate staff to achieve their particular goals and inspire them to do more than they thought was feasible. The adverse accounts contain stories of leaders who ridicule all their employees in public areas, force employees to endure physical challenges, and showcase divisiveness among work organizations or people. These tales depict manners of leaders who inflict serious physical and/or emotional harm on the followers. It is quite possible that others working for these types of leaders view these same expert figures with respect and admiration. To illustrate this point, one visible college men's basketball coach earned a reputation pertaining to his unorthodox behaviors. During games, when players did not play with their fullest potential, the trainer would become physically and mentally damaging. Some players were angered, others felt fear, while others stated that he was the very best coach that they had ever had.

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Kathie L. Pelletier, California Point out University, UNITED STATES

Email: [email protected] edu

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Leadership 6(4)


These types of differences in perceptions and attributions suggest we have much to learn about how persons view management, since one person's poisonous leader might be another person's hero (Lipman-Blumen, 2005). Interestingly, study on command has not been well-balanced with respect to these polar views; the majority of studies have dedicated to the effective aspects of command more so compared to the destructive types. Although a comprehension of effective leadership is critical for growing managers and supervisors, it truly is equally important to recognize the behaviours and unsupported claims of leaders who knowingly or accidentally inflict long lasting harm on the constituents.

The study questions this study looks for to answer are, ‘What would be the behaviors and rhetoric of leaders that followers...

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(Lipman-Blumen, 2005). Interestingly, research on leadership is actually not balanced with

respect to polar opinions; the majority of studies have centered on the effective aspects of

the basketball instructor example, ‘Do followers consent as to what makes up harmful leader

behavior and rhetoric? ' According to social building theory (Hunt, 1984), followers'

If supporters cannot consent as to what makes up destructive habit or rhetoric, they

might be unable or perhaps unwilling to challenge or confront the leader (Kets de Vries, 1989)

Theories and characteristics of harmful leadership

Bass (1985) pointed out that you will discover as many definitions of command as there are people

within the websites of damaging (Tepper, 2000; Tepper ou al., 2007), tyrannical (Ashforth,

1994), dangerous (Einarsen ainsi que al., 2007), bullying (Namie and Namie, 2000), underhanded or

poor (Kellerman, 2004), and toxic (Lipman-Blumen, june 2006; Pelletier, 2009; Reed, 2004). There

happen to be behavioral terme conseille within these kinds of theories, yet there are also behaviours that are one of a kind to

Violent and tyrannical leadership. Harassing leadership has become defined simply by Tepper (2000:

178) as ‘subordinates' very subjective assessments with the extent where supervisors embark on the

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