Batter Harmless Than Take Risk

 Batter To Be Safe Than Have Risk Essay

Do you acknowledge or argue with the next statement?

It is best to be safe than sorry

Use reasons and examples to support your answers.

In our life, basic safety and danger are two factors of human life. Sometimes basic safety brings even more assurance however, not all hazard is simply danger, taking a risk means taking a chance. Precisely what is the better: safety or risk?

Persons in favor of security think nothing at all can be received unless there may be an assurance. We have to respect our life and risk may bring a finish without anything. For instance, when driving on a big crowded street, people always say: it is better to be safe than sorry because a instant of carelessness will result in a loss of your life.

On the other hand, risk is considered to be harmful, but it is likewise a chance for anyone that would like to help to make a change of their own life. Persons think they can not stand living a tedious life without harm performed. For example , students would like to get accepted to UBER. Although his scores are generally not too high, by average, he previously better submit an application for it as the more you know how to take risk, the more you may get.

In conclusion, I believe safety and risk should be coexistent and should not end up being separated ?nternet site would like to have a high-risk life as well as a secure 1. If we find out to to balance these people, we can not only get achievement, but as well we can boost the preciousness of life. Do you agree or disagree together with the following affirmation? " It is better to be safe than sorry. ” Use factors and cases to support the response. Today a lot of people want to take dangers in order to have better outcomes in your daily course. Still, others do not like to take their particular chances and wish to play it safe. In my opinion that the solution is like a double edged blade. It is not usually good to consider risks and after that be apologies; however , it can be fruitless to constantly be aware and take action safe.

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