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L'Oréal's Corporate Cultural Responsibility


This daily news is about L'Oreal, which is around the world known natural beauty product manufacturer. Their business social responsibility has huge concerns regarding the the positive effect. The company is not facing any global problems, furthermore, it is trying to make the community better. Additionally , L'Oreal is concerned about the society and environment. Due to these issues the company's focus can be on innovations, saving resources and trying to replace toxic waste materials usage. In addition , L'Oréal makes effort linked to its‘ stakeholders; for example , focus on company's employees and expanding community's education about relevant issues. Even though the company is engaged towards the corporate sociable responsibility, it has a separate and specific effort in searching for a way to exchange harmful experiments with pets, and help people with severe pores and skin damages.

L'Oréal cares

L'Oreal is a well-known company making cosmetics pertaining to both genders and is aimed at humans' health and wellness. The company presents a wide range of products available for everyone. Also, this company provides five types of makeup products: hair care, curly hair color, cosmetic, make-up and fragrances. This year L'Oréal had 68, 900 employees in its' twigs all around the world, out of which forty-four, 060 received an professional training. The company‘s objective is to give women and men the very best cosmetics which come from creativity, as well as, providing quality and safe products. Moreover, L'Oreal offers high criteria's for development such as: buyer care, environmental protection, cultural impact, ethnics and collateral in worldwide trade. L'Oreal cares about its' stakeholders; for instance, professional and private life is well balanced and privateness is highly well known. The company gives its staff the exciting environment, possibilities to make a big difference and amazing personal improvement opportunities. Stockholders such as Jean-Paul Agon and Sara Ravella are very worried about...

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