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University of Cambridge Foreign Examinations

In-Service Training Packs AS Level English Terminology 8693

In-Service Teacher Teaching

Assessment in AS Level English Language 8693

Outline of Training Pack

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University of Cambridge Intercontinental Examinations

In-Service Training Packs AS Level English Dialect 8693



Background preparing: delegates will need to

bring instances of passages of around 700-900

words for use with Paper 1 . It might be material they

have utilized on related courses or within their

delivery of this training course.


NO .

CIE PowerPoint presentation

intended for AS Level English

Dialect 8693









Period 1

Wide open the program

Introductory glide

Session you

Introduce your self and make clear the background

and aims with the training

Session 1

Make clear that Treatment 1 concentrates on:

Formative evaluation

• syllabus aims

• structure in the syllabus

• Assessment Objectives

• handling student improvement

The aims of the syllabus:

• to encourage a vital and educated response to

writing in a range of forms, styles and contexts

• to encourage reading, evaluation and connection

• to encourage powerful and appropriate


Structure of the syllabus

• Evaluation Objectives (1-3)

Session one particular

Session one particular

Equipment for delivering a PowerPoint

business presentation

Current syllabus

Principal Evaluator Reports 2002 and the year 2003

Past paperwork from Nov 2002 and

November 2003

Exemplars of scripts Documents 1 & 2 2003

Passages of own assortment for Newspaper 1

Copies of the PowerPoint presentations in

‘Handout' structure for delegates to annotate

Slide you

Assessment in AS Level

English Dialect 8693

Period 1

Slide 2

Opening paragraphs; Background;

Purpose of Training

Go 3

Session 1 looks at:

Slide 4

Aims from the syllabus

Glide 5

Composition of the syllabus

Copies in the syllabus and past documents

ACTIVITY 1 . 1 Going through the stylistic and

linguistic features candidates might be

expected to determine and touch upon

В© University or college of Cambridge International Exams 2005


University of Cambridge Worldwide Examinations


NO .

Treatment 1

Session 1

Program 1

Program 1


In-Service Teaching Pack WHILE Level English language Language 8693


Assessment composition

Paper one particular - Passages for Brief review

Paper 2 - Structure

Slide 6

Assessment structure

Paper 1: Passages to get Comment:

• choice of 3 passages and candidates need to

answer in two


• possibly be a query asking these to comment on

style and then a directed task based on passing

• or possibly a directed activity first then a question

asking them to review their piece of recreative

publishing to the initial passage

Focus on Assessment Objective 3

Slide 7

Conventional paper 1: Pathways for

Review (1)

Conventional paper 2: Make up

Outline the structure and requirements of Paper 2 .

Slide 8

Paper you: Passages intended for

Comment (2)

Slide 9

Paper 2: Composition


Copies from the syllabus and past papers

ACTIVITY 1 . 2 Briefly discuss issues raised

regarding the nature of the papers and how this

may well impinge upon structuring and delivering

the course

Clones of the syllabus and previous papers

ACTIVITY 1 . 3 Considering the nature of

feasible genres and possible means of

delivering all of them as teaching materials

ACTIVITY 1 . 5 Exploring how directed publishing

tasks could possibly be handled by simply candidates

Copies of the syllabus and past papers

ACTIVITY 1 . five Considering the types of

concerns found in Section A of Paper 2 and

many ways in which the materials can be


ACTIVITY 1 ) 6 With the types of

questions seen in Section M of Paper 2 and

the ways when the material could be


Treatment 1

Conformative assessment

Discuss definitions of formative examination and its...

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