Drama Job

 Essay regarding Drama Project

LHE 3253


Project 1

Dorothy Ting Siao Wei 153071

Dr . Habsah Bt Hussin

Submission particular date: 19 April 2011


1 ) One of the themes of this enjoy isВ false relationshipВ among family members. Estimate the part(s) in the enjoy where you can notice this topic.

Throughout the enjoy the theme false marriage among family is seen. First of all, it is seen in the character of Bassi. Bassi is certainly not related to Okorie at all although is seen to become always at home attending to Okorie. It is as though she is his wife when she is not at all. She is in fact married anywhere else and have youngsters. This is seen in several parts where your woman appears. " Bassi: It really is enough, Grandpa. Long speak make you worn out. Come, your meals is now all set. Okorie: Girl, I cannot take in. When delight fills your heart, you are unable to eat. ” From here we see how Bassi would guidance Okorie to stop talking and eat his meal. Her tone sounds like a wife who cares for a husband rather than a married woman of a neighbor. " Bassi (holding him and leading him to sit on the bed): You are thrilled. You know that any time you are enthusiastic, you begin to forget things. Okorie: That is not my fault. It is retirement years. Well, but you may be wondering what was We saying? ” Here all of us even observe Bassi sending Okorie to bed which may be rarely seen in olden times. Bassi is a hitched woman with her individual husband which usually she ought to be putting to bed with rather than a senile old man. Nevertheless she performed and she did in gently just like how a wife would. Most likely there is a truthfulness of the treatment she offered but there is legit marriage that they have. The other put in place the perform where fake relationship amongst family members is observed is when Arob and Ojuma began treating Okorie nicely simply because they noticed something like an excellent inheritance that they may get if they take care of him nicely and hide him with great honour. All of these show up in the following excerpts of the play. " Ojima: At last, poor Grandfather is fully gone. I wonder if he be aware that we only played up just to get some thing from his will. Arob: Well, this didn't matter to him. He assumed us, and this is the reason why he has left his house to all of us. A few months ago he would rather have placed it all into the sea. ”

2 . In the language utilized by Okorie, Arob and Ojuma in their conversation, what can you detect about their romance? Give two factors leading to the mold of family members units and children missing their filial duties toward their parents.

From the language used by Okorie, Arob and Ojuma inside their dialogue, it seemed like their particular relationship is definitely not a good one particular. Okorie does not even phone or consider his grandsons as his grandsons but people and Arob and Ojuma didn't speak correctly or with respect on a regular basis. In my opinion, one of the factors contributing to the mold of family units and children ignoring their filial duties toward their parents is, having less proper willpower in the family. As seen in the perform, Arob and Ojuma's father passed away prior to their grandpa, Okorie. No one disciplined them or brought them in the proper way. Okorie could have even spoilt them whenever they were youthful so there was no impression of fear and esteem from they are all towards their particular grandfather. They can even see the contribution of their grandfather and appreciate him. They actually took anything that is his and marketed them to receive whatever finances that they could get. They never had one to discipline these people. The other factor that contributes to their particular misbehavior is a growing sense of selfishness that comes with the welcoming of modernity. While seen and discussed simply by Okorie as well as the stranger at the outset of the enjoy, it appeared like the world has been getting and more selfish and inappropriate that they don't take care of older people but mistreat them also. With the approaching of new solutions, new expansion that initial enters the city, more selfishness prevails plus the people are getting crueler. They will...

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