Ethnic Anthropology and Racism

 Cultural Anthropology and Racism Essay

How include cultural scientists sought to combat racism?


The concept of contest became a way of rationalizing a socioeconomic separate between civilizations. The ‘superior' invading colonies wished to keep a distinct difference between themselves, and these ‘inferior' ethnicities. They aimed at the differences between peoples, trusting that physical and cultural differences had been a good reason to treat a group of people differently. Rationalized slavery and cure. Cultural scientists knew that race was merely a social construction and sought to combat it by debunking biological racism, and sharing their exploration to make an effort towards ethnicity equality.

Level One: The idea of race.

-A ‘race' is identified as being a sub-species, and because individuals are called one types, with no sub-species, the concept of race is successfully redundant. -Developed around the 16th century simply by Europeans, whom used it to allocate a group of people, plants, or perhaps animals with common ancestry or origin. -In relation to humans, the controversy encircled whether or not almost all humans had been related to Mandsperson and Event and therefore, where this ‘race' belongs in The lord's creation.

Stage Two: Ethnocentric ideologies and racism

-Comparisons between races/ ranked groups brought about ethnocentric ideologies (separation of your self from other cultures, " us” and " them”) -Concentration on the dissimilarities between ethnicities and lenders, giving ruling colonies an unquestionable justification to invade/take ‘lesser' civilizations for slavery etc . -Reinforced global inequalities of economic/social conditions.

Level Three: Just how cultural anthropologists have sought to overcome racism -Cultural anthropologists was executed to discredit the supposed medical arguments intended for race. -Through a lot of ethnographic fieldwork and exploration, Franz Boas proved that there was simply no direct relationship between mind shape and racial type, proved the idea of race to be completely useless, and challenged scientific racism....

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