Fiction and Flower Woman

 Fiction and Flower Young lady Research Conventional paper

Reflecting in Act one particular of Pygmalion

" THE NOTE TAKER. You see this creature with her kerbstone English: the English that will keep her in the gutter to the end of her days. Very well, sir, in three months I possibly could pass that girl away as a duchess at an ambassador's garden get together. ” from Pygmalion, Work I Quickwrite: What does this kind of boast say about the note taker? What does it say regarding the flower girl? Notetaker ( Higgins) feels like he could be superior to the flower woman. He is extremely boisterous and cocky Floral girl( eliza) is represented as not really human.

Making Estimations

Based on whatever you have learned regarding the notice taker and the flower lady, make two predictions about how their tasks and scenarios might connect with Marxist and Feminist Critique. Prediction one particular:

Marxist- who's on the botton wrong and who's at the top wrong Prediction 2:

feminist- Higgins, because the mail, feels like he is dominat.

Identify features for each with the characters. Present textual support (evidence through the play) for your ideas. Utilize link to see the actual text of the play- Consider the following components of characterization: What they say (dialogue).

What they do (actions).

What they believe (interior monologue).

The people with whom they associate.

What others say about them


Textual Support




Mrs. Pearce

How is Eliza made to adapt at Professor Higgins's house?

Made her take a shower, she couldn't eat except if she could speak appropriately Does cultural class perform a significant function in portrayal? Yes I believe like it plays a big component. Throughout the entire movie almost all shes aiming to do is usually be like the others.

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