6th Disease

 Fifth Disease Essay

Nommable Disease Job – TPJ4M-01

Teacher: Ms. DaCosta

Student: Chelsea Orser

Due Date: September 25, 2009


1 . What style of poison is it?

Fifth Disease is known as a Viral Illness, also known as (Parvovirus B19).

installment payments on your What does this contaminant look like under a microscope? [pic]

3. Where is the contaminant located?

Fifth Disease is sent by Air-borne Droplets.

four. In what conditions is the contaminant commonly found? Fifth Disease is commonly seen in daycares, schools, and private hospitals.

5. Who may be at risk to the contaminent?

Anyone may be infected with Fifth Disease but children between five and 15 years of age happen to be most at risk, especially through the summer and winter months.

six. How is a contaminant spread?

Sixth Disease is definitely spread like a cold virus, from person to person, simply by direct get in touch with. An infected person may spread the virus to another person by their hands, items that the infected person has touched, hacking and coughing, sneezing, and infected bloodstream. A person is only contagious prior to rash develops.

7. Exactly what the consequences if ingested?

A person exposed to Fifth Disease can experience their very own first symptoms between four and 20 days after exposure to the virus. Healthful persons generally experience simply no symptoms to mild symptoms with no adverse consequences, while persons who have are in their first trimester of motherhood; or people with blood disorders; or persons with a weakened disease fighting capability are more at risk of serious consequences, as is may affect the body's capacity to produce air for its tissues.

almost 8. What are the physical symptoms of the ensuing illness? The physical symptoms of Fifth Disease are similar to cool virus symptoms like fever, headache, stuffy/runny nose, muscles aches, and tiredness. Once these symptoms have faded, a red rash shows up on the face and cheeks and can spread to the rest of the human body. This allergy looks like...

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