Film and Press Studies, Editing and enhancing and Appear

 Film and Media Studies, Editing and Sound Composition

Editing is...

In filmmaking, the selecting and sticking of shots.

In finished film, the units of approaches that governs the relationships among photographs. (Building blocks & transitions)

The Minimize

In Filmmaking, it's the getting started with of two film whitening strips together. In finished film, it's a quick change from a single frame of a shot to a different.


Beginning sequence of citizen sl?de. The reduce leads all of us nearer to the castle.

Wipe (Seven Samurai, his phrases are supported with the next shot of samurai going to town) A line going across the framework causing the first shot to fade away and the following shot appears as the queue move throughout.

-iris remove neighbours the iris uncovers that the girl is the leading part and ready for her marriage.

The thawed frame (Citizen Kane)

The thawed frame commences with a freezed image and ultimately comes to life.

Freeze shape ( The 400 produces, boys taking walks towards camera, the framework freezes)

5 dimensions of editing

Temporal relations

Elliptical croping and editing (Relationship between husband and wife within Citizen Kane) FlashForward ( Run lola Run)

Overlapping ( Law enforcement Story)

Design match (A space odyssey, the cuboid transforms to a space send. ) After the ape make use of the bone being a tool and weapon, that throws up into the surroundings, match cut into a even more advance weapon and application, drawing interconnection between two objects. Depending on pictorial qualities of the two juxtaposed shots. Both characteristics of mise en field and cinematography contribute to the romantic relationship. Make may well coherence among shots.

Graphical match, two successive pictures joined because of their strong likeness of compositional elements. Rhythmic relations derive from the time duration of juxtaposition pictures Battlesh Potemkin

Tempo is more essential than continuity

Based upon movement conquer or actions pace

Camera does not comply with 360 rule and fill with hop cuts.

Hop Cut enhancing, position of subject dived in a unsuccessive[obs3], broken, interrupted way, providing the appearance of time have approved and...

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