Poverty Composition

Chapter you

1 . you Introduction

Having obtain its independence 21 years old years ago in 1990, Namibia which is situated on Africa's south-western seaboard with neighboring countries Angola, Botswana, S. africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. With an annual human population growth of 1 . 9% last year, it is estimated that the citizenry is now currently at installment payments on your 1 mil (see Globe Bank 2009). Namibia provides a stable overall economy that in line with the United Nations Expansion Programmed (UNDP, 2003) can be second in sub-Saharan The african continent in terms of every capita expenses in the health sector.

Namibia being a " middle income” country can be faced similar to most developing countries with the rising problem of poverty. Approximately about 38% of the populace live in extreme poverty (Poverty Bulletin, june 2006, p. 9). According to the poverty reduction strategy for Namibia (1998, p. 1) Namibia is among the most dualistic countries in the world both equally geographically and economically. A lot of the population is found in the north regions of the nation, where majority of the people depend on agriculture as a means to sustain their lives. Poverty in Namibia, is an extremely serious phenomenon that affects the economy greatly, thus it is important to understanding all the factors that may play a role in treating this sensation. finding the triggers and methods to measure poverty can lead to obtaining effective policy actions. low income can be identified in different ways with different measurements included in these kinds of definitions. Relating to Newaka (2007, g. ii) comparable and extreme poverty exist in Maltahohe, namibia with non-urban areas encountering more low income than cities.

After, phase two can deal with the idea of poverty in Namibia. Lower income in rural and urban areas in Maltahohe, namibia will be resolved in chapter3. chapter4 talks about the causes of poverty along with the measurements of low income. Chapter a few looks into creation and poverty in Maltahohe, namibia as well as the craze of lower income over the years. Insurance plan actions by simply Namibia will probably be covered in chapter six the conclusion is going to form part 7

1 ) 2 Goal of the exploration

The general target of the research is to analyze and evaluate the extent of poverty in Namibia. This kind of paper will attempt to analyze the distribution of poor people in Maltahohe, namibia by place, using data obtained from the Namibian 2003/2004 household income and expenditure survey. It will also try to use second data taken out from the study paper, Lower income trends among 1993 and 2004 in Namibia simply by S. Big t. T. Newaka (2007) to investigate the portion of extreme and relative low income for Namibian households as well as for rural and urban areas. Newaka (2007)used the head-count index. it is calculated with the subsequent formula: " H=q/n, where H is a proportion of total population per protection deemed being poor, q represents the number of people who are poor by the definition of the lower income line(s), although n is a population size. ”(Newaka, 2007, p. ii). The daily news will also measure the human expansion indicators to get the years 1980 – 2010 as present by the Un Development Programme. For poverty to be efficiently reduced, plan actions must be implemented, this kind of paper will certainly overview a few of these policies set up by the federal government of Namibia to get rid of poverty.

1 . 3 Significance of the theme

Poverty can be described as prominent feature of the Namibian society and this paper is pertinent because it will attempt to give an insight on the significant players in fighting this issue, human development will also be regarded in this daily news. Considering that low income is mirrored by numerous factors, this kind of research will attempt to answer a number of the following concerns:

• Why the lower income gap between rural and urban areas in Namibia can be described as cause of concern?

• How the improvement of health care and education may contribute to reducing poverty?

• Is Namibia achieving their goals from the millennium expansion goals?

• What are the policy activities placed by government of...

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