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Martha Elizabeth Rogers was born in Dallax Arizona on May 12, 1914, the oldest of 4 children in a family, which in turn strongly highly valued education. Martha Roger and her family moved to Knoxville, TN exactly where she joined the University of Tn in l93l taking undergrad science classes for 2 years. But then the girl entered medical school for Knoxville Standard Hospital, received her medical diploma in 1936. The lady completed a BSN in public areas Health Breastfeeding from George Peabody School in l937.

Martha Rogers started of working as being a public health nurse in Connecticut. In l945, she earned a master's degree in public areas health nursing supervision by Teacher's College Columbia College or university. After getting a Master of Arts level from Professors College, Columbia University, 66 years ago, she approved the position of executive director of the Phoenix, az Visiting Doctor Association in Arizona, in which she continued to be for half a dozen years. In 1952, the girl received a master's level in public health and in 1954, a doctor of science level, both via Johns Hopkins University. In 1954, Rogers was equiped professor of nursing and head from the Division of Nursing at New York University. Devoted to baccalaureate education for nursing staff, Rogers opposed continued utilization of curricula depending on a medical model and recommended that nursing teachers be prepared with the doctoral level.

In the next twenty-one years, Martha Rogers initiated program revisions, theory based learning, and the business of a five-year Bachelor of Science degree program in New York School. During the same period, the lady developed the theory she referred to as " a paradigm intended for nursing -- the science of unitary human beings, " and conducted " philosophical and theoretical brought on of the nature and path of unitary human development. "

Martha Rogers can be widely known on her discovery of the science of unitary people, Martha Elizabeth. Rogers supplied a construction for ongoing study and research, and influenced...

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