Potentiality of some Remote Compounds via Halfa Barr (Cymbopogon proximus Stapf. ) against the Toxigenic Fungi Fusarium verticillioides and Aspergillus flavus

 Potentiality of some Isolated Compounds from Halfa Barr Cymbopogon proximus Stapf.  against the Toxigenic Fungi Fusarium verticillioides...


Egypt. J. Phytopathol., Volume. 34, Number 2, pp. 75-84 (2006)

Potentiality of some Isolated Compounds via

Halfa Barr (Cymbopogon proximus Stapf. ) against

the Toxigenic Fungi Fusarium verticillioides and

Aspergillus flavus


E. M. El-Assiuty*, Farrenheit. M. Bekheet, Zeinab Meters. Fahmy*,

A. M. Ismael* and To. S. Meters. El-Alfy **

* Plant Pathology Analysis Institute, ARC, Giza.

** Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University.

Big t

he n-hexane extract of Cymbopogon proximus Stapf.


a potent antifungal effect against two of the

toxigenic fungus, namely Fusarium verticillioides and Aspergillus flavus. The chromatographic analysis of the extract produced the potent ethyl acetate fraction, from which 8 chemical substances could be isolated and identified by spectroscopic methods. 3

compounds are 2-methyl undec–2-en-10 al, eudesm-11 ol and elemol had been found to be the most potent compounds

against both pathogens.


Aspergillus flavus, Cymbopogon proximus,

Fusarium verticillioides, halfa barr and toxigenic


Nowadays, it is recognized that many of medicinal and indigenous vegetation have allelopathic effects within the growth of several fungi and bacteria (Yen and Chen, 1994; Inderejit and Bradzino, 1995; Nakamura et al., 1999; ElSayed et 's., 2000; El-Kazzaz et ing., 2003). Moreover, Some studies

have emphasized that certain plant diseases could be controlled by utilizing plant components. Fahmy and Mahmoud (2001) controlled the late-wilt disease of maize by amending soil with dried leaves of Eucalyptus rostrata D. They identified also that placing maize seed products in the alcoholic-eucalyptus leaf extracts caused significant reduction in the illness incidence.

El-Assiuty et

approach. (2006) tested different extracts from various plant varieties for their impact in suppressing the great growth of several plant pathogens in vitro and manipulating the grain decay of maize in the field as well. They discovered that the nhexane extract of Cymbopogon proximus Stapf. (halfa barr) was superior to additional extracts in the evaluated plant species in inhibiting the expansion of Fusarium verticillioides and Aspergillus flavus and minimizing the production of mycotoxins; fumonisin and aflatoxin. Thus, this kind of study was carried out to spot the principle(s) responsible for the poisonous a result of C. proximusn-hexane extract on these toxigenic fungi. Materials and Strategies

1 . Herb materials:


E. M. EL-ASSIUTY ainsi que al.

Cymbopogon proximus Stapf. (halfa barr) material was purchased from Harraz Organic Drug Shop, Cairo, Egypt in june 2006. It was kindly verified by simply Prof. Meters. Abdel-Ghany, The Herbarium, Faculte. of Sci., Cairo Univ. 2 . Chromatographic materials:

Most used solvents were chemically pure level:

- Silica gel sixty for line (E. Merck).

- Silica gel G plates to get T. L. C. (E. Merck).

-- Solvent system: - Toluene: Ethyl Acetate: Methanol (94: 3: 3). Spray reagent was vanillin-sulphuric acid reagent (Wagner et al., 1984). 3. Extraction and seclusion:

The dust of the n-hexane extract of the plant materials was prepared by percolation for room temp, then the solvent was driven off to give a residue (10gm). The residue was evaluated intended for the natural inhibitory influence on the target fungus.

4. Chromatographic fractionation:

Eight gm of the residue of n-hexane get was chromatographed on a silica gel steering column and elution was completed using n-hexane 100%, nhexane+ethyl acetate (10, 20, 35 and 50%), ethyl acetate 100 %, ethyl acetate+metahnol (10, 20, 30 and 50%) and finally with methanol 100%. Fractions (100ml each) were collected and examined for their natural actions. While the 100% ethyl acetate fractions had been only lively in inhibiting the growth of target disease, they were collected and dried up. Following the technique adopted by Wagner ou al. (1984), the remains (7gm) was rechromatographed about silica carbamide peroxide gel column and fractionation was done by elution with toluene 100%, toluene-ethyl acetate (1, 2, several, 4, five, 10, 50 and 100%). Fractions (100ml each) had been collected and...

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