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 Prison Comparison Contrast Paper


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Ms. Johnson

January 26, 2011

Prison Assessment Contrast Paper

The American prison software has changed since the 1800s. You will find new innovations and advanced technologies that help contribute to a better prison/penitentiary system and run this effectively. The topic of this will determine and take a look at the theory and ideal of the penitentiary. It can explore historical factors although comparing and contrasting the prison devices during and after World War II. Finally, it will take a review of the impact and involvement of prison labor during this time period as well as target the attention in the trend of prison labor since then. The right of Penitentiary

Teachers and other scholarly intellectuals have applied the conditions " penitentiary” for more than twenty years. " The penitentiary was more of a thought or pair of principles than the usual physical institution with condition and form”(Foster, 2006, g. 21). It wasn't a legitimate building for ex cons, it was more of a concept. The purposes of a penitentiary were both seglar and religious. In European societies, penitentiary was said to be a place of humane consequence rather than physical punishment. This kind of place is designed to keep criminals separated from each other as much as possible; isolation, rather than regular prisons. It was also created for criminals to express their particular feelings of regret of their wrongdoing. " As a seglar institution, the penitentiary was meeting the religious requirement for expressing repentir for desprovisto. The principal objective of the penitentiary was to obtain the kind of psychic transformation in a criminal being that was associated with the religious creatures of the old monastery”(Foster, p. 22). Penitentiary Systems on planet War II

The World Warfare II acquired many influences on the prisons. " Prison populations declined as many teenagers in trouble (including convicts who had been paroled to work in war industries) were allowed to choose from military obligation and prison”(Foster, 2006, chap. 3). Therefore , if men committed crimes, instead of portion a prison phrase they had an alternative to provide in the armed service and fight in the battles. Active military service got provided solid control socially over young men.

" The Prison Industrial sectors Branch of the War Production Board began in January 1941 to manage the industrial and agricultural outcome of federal and state prisons”(Foster, 06\, chap. 3). Production in industrial and agricultural in state prisons estimated about $25 mil each. Criminals mainly produced items associated with the world including assault vessels, bomb noses, cargo nets, Navy shirts, flags, and leather materials.

Following the World War II, the prison systems have changed significantly. Prisoners you don't have the option to serve away their phrase in the armed service anymore. It can more for the concept: If you do the criminal offenses, you do enough time. The prisons are overpopulated and the culture and industrial production has declined. " Politicians who advocated higher involvement of prisoners inside the war efforts turned a blind eyesight to prisons after the war”(Foster, 2006, chap. 3). The guards are less strict since the pads were during World War II. Prisoners are targeting the guards and trying to escape more frequently. Fortunately they are brave enough to take the guards and wardens slave shackled all when creating a penitentiary riot. It truly is like they cannot have value for the law or the justice system.

To summarize, this daily news addressed the differences between what happened in the jail systems during and after Ww ii and the ideal and theory of penitentiary. With regards to the approach prisons were operated during the WWII rather than the way it had been operated today, one would think that they would show great admiration. If the legal system apply some willpower and constraints on the prisons now,...

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