Wise Choices

 Wise Options Essay

Sensible Choices

1 . After toiling through the night on my biology quiz I expected to gain at significantly less an Bt, but rather I got a B, most of the people in my school did most severe, but We don't attention because I understand what I was aiming for. installment payments on your I would like to get at less a Bt on my rest quizzes and copie for biology and all my other subject matter. 3.

2. I could look for a spare time to cope with my educator for time to assist my personal understanding of the difficulties i are having in class. * I can ask an individual in my course who do better than myself, hoping that they understand and may teach, to describe where We went incorrect and make clear how to right it. 5. I could change my examine habits and see if it works. * I possibly could plead together with the teacher not to count that grade against the class. * I produce more time to analyze.

* I can ask my own teacher to retake test.


* I could find a spare time to deal with my teacher for time to assist my personal understanding of the down sides I are having in the lecture: I might master what my personal mistakes were and how to right them to get future test out. * I possibly could ask somebody in my course who did better than myself, hoping they will understand and could teach, to describe where I actually went wrong and make clear how to accurate it: I might learn a interesting and simpler way to comprehend my operate. * I can adjust my personal study practices and see whether it will work: I might find it simpler to retain data. * I possibly could plead with the teacher to never count that grade against the class: I might not have quality count against me 5. I help to make more time to study: I might convey more confidence on my future check. * I possibly could ask my teacher to retake the test: I might acquire retake quality.


I might find a free time to address my own teacher to get time to aid my knowledge of the difficulties My spouse and i am having in class, request someone during my class who did greater than me to clarify where We went wrong and describe how to correct it. I would adjust my own study practices and see if this will work...

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