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Ambeth R. Ocampo

3 Stages on Composing Philippine Background

Colonizers' History

Elites' History

People's History


Three ideas

1) history-as-activity

-past human activities and events

2) history-as-record

-records of this kind of past individual events

3) history-as-historiography

-process or technique of making or perhaps

writing this sort of records


Estoria – Greek

Historia – Latin

Historie – French

History – The english language

Distinction Among Fossils and



Historiography means " to write history”

Historia (history) + graphus (to write)

Oral Historiography


[written] records of past man events

distinct in time and place, social in

nature and socially significant

Social-causal relations and expansion

of people and society

3 Stages of Culture

Paleolithic Lifestyle

Transition Period: Discovery of Fire and


Mesolithic Traditions

Transition Period: Formation of any


Neolithic Culture

Utilization of Metals in agriculture, weaponry

and home tools

Civilization – " advanced”


Factors/Elements of Civilization

 Political Business

 Sociable Structure/Stratification

 Economic surplus/trading

 System of Writing

 Intellectual advancement/progress

(inventions, technology)

 Prevalent Language

 One Belief

 Metallurgy and Metalworking

Historical Statements of Rizal on Philippine

Early Civilization

Jose Rizal asserts which the Philippine

islands already encased a

sophisticated civilization could the

entrance of the Spniards.

 Historic Syllabary (system of writing)

 Metallurgy and Metalworking

 Shipbuilding

 Trading with China and also other

neighboring island destinations in Southeast Asia

How come did Rizal choose Morga's Work?

Antonio sobre Morga was the governor-general in the

Philippines (1593-1603). He was not merely an

eyewitness but the leading acting professional in the

happenings in the island destinations at the time.

This individual recorded his observations and happenings in the

islands within a civilian standpoint not the ones from

religious' in his work " Sucesos para las Islas Filipinas” (Happenings in the Filipino Islands).

Morga was the the majority of objective in his writings regarding

early Filipino culture, persons and culture than

The spanish language priests who wrote only the history of all their

religion in the islands, with deus former mate machina and

miracle reports.

For your self-study


That is Antonio de Morga?

How did the critics, which includes his friend Ferdinand

Blumentritt, responded to Pepe's historical


Do you acknowledge that Rizal's annotation of Morga's

work was a breakthrough discovery in the producing of Philippine

history by a Philippine point of view?

Will you be convinced that there was a civilization in

the Korea before the arriving of the Spaniards?

(Note: You should watch the documentary film, " Gintong

Pamana” by the program, Ubung, hosted by Cheche

Lazaro at youtube. com to your reference)

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