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 System Examination and Style Essay

A Suggested HRIS System with Payroll Using Fingerprint Biometrics Pertaining to Wack Wack Condominium

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Systems Analysis and Design

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Jonah S. Mahinay

Ma. Rejane B. Malonzo

Cherelyn H. Alvarez

Marivic D. Solangon

Engr. Leonard L. Alejandro, MSIT


2nd Term, S. Y. 2011 – 2012

Part I


Company History

Wack Wack Condominium was the 1st highest building established in Mandaluyong in 1998. It was built to reduce the casing subdivision. Wack Wack Condo has 45 floors, in each and every floor has 8 units and it includes basketball court docket, badminton court, swimming pool area, gym and pent property inside the building. To satisfy the device owners we deliver them the complete time service of their demands.

Work Information

Wack Wack Condominium preserves the full service to the unit owners and the sanitation of every service. They also examine the security of the building to get the safety with the owners product.

Organizational Data

Background of the Study

The employees are using Bundy time clock for their presence and record book for the guard's attendance monitoring. The use of all those processes is for employees if they are in their particular station. Also, it is used for the computation of employees' income for the half month. The leadsman computes enough time in and out or the hours performed of the workers. Then after the computation, the leadsman needs to submit towards the guard to get the inspection of calculation. The guard submits the record for the admin pertaining to inspection once again and the admin will fill in to every agency where their very own employees fit in.

The researchers found that the existing system they may be using is inconvenient to get the admin to understand the employees' penmanship. Basic on the evidence, they must rewrite what they are called of personnel for crystal clear attendance monitoring. So , in their case, they will lose the accuracy and correctness of information.

Inside the existing manual monitoring approach to " Log In and Sign Out” of all staff and employees in Wack Wack Condominium, very low slow overall performance of the job and not updated records. This causes man error, manual checking of records and manual process of payroll. A lot of time and effort consumed and squandered. Slow checking of documents and Delay of Earnings.

The machine that we recommended is HRIS w/ payroll using fingerprint biometrics. This advanced system will help the Wack Wack Condominium to get fast monitoring of presence and at the same time programmed computation of employees salary. Our system is convenient pertaining to the employees of Wack Wack Condominium as it will work instantly and practical for the company because our company is using finger-print biometrics to stop forgery.

Assertion of the Issue


This kind of study will address the difficulties encountered simply by Wack Wack Condominium in their manual monitoring of Log In and Sign Out of all the personnel and personnel.


1 . В В В В В Can the program provide a computerized monitoring data system that could minimize the condition they found? 2 . В В В В В Can the program record and track the attendance of staffs and employees? a few. В В В В В Can your system boost workflow efficiency? 4. Can the system avoid fraud in time and break of personnel? 5. Can the system give fast and easy work/transaction?

Objectives with the Study

Basic Objective:

The general objective in the study should be to develop an exact and dependable employees' time/attendance capturing program for Wack Wack Condominium using finger-print biometrics.

Specific Objectives:

1 . В В В В В To develop a electronic monitoring data system that will minimize the situation. 2 . В В В В В To design something that information and monitors attendance of staffs and employees. 3. В В В В В To...

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