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Chapter you: What Is a Project?


Congrats on your decision to study for and take the Project Supervision Institute (PMIВ®)'s Project Managing Professional (PMPВ®) certification examination. This book was written with you in mind. Major and articles of this book revolve seriously around the information presented in A Tips for the Job Management Human body of Knowledge (PMBOK). I will refer to the Guide to the PMBOK throughout this book and elaborate on those areas that display on the test. Understand that the test addresses all the task management procedures, so avoid skip nearly anything in your examine time.

When likely, I'll spread hints and study ideas that I gathered while learning for the exam myself. The first hint is to familiarize yourself with the terminology used in the Guide to the PMBOK. PMI has worked hard to develop and define common project management terms, and these conditions are used alternately among sectors. For example , useful resource planning means the same thing to someone working in construction, i . t, or telecoms. You'll find Tips for the PMBOK terms explained throughout this book. Even if you could be an experienced project manager, you can definitely find that PMI uses particular terms pertaining to things that you just call by simply another term. So , step one is to get acquainted with the terms. This phase lays the building blocks for building and handling your project. We will address project and task management definitions as well as company structures. Best of luck!

Is It a Project?

The VP of marketing approaches you with a fabulous idea. " Fabulous” because he is the big manager and because he thought it up. He really wants to set up kiosks in regional grocery stores because mini offices. These offices will offer clients the ability to join new wireless phone services, make their very own wireless telephone bill repayments, and purchase products and components. He thinks that the direct exposure in grocery stores will increase knowing of the company's offerings. After all, people have to eat, correct? He told you that the panel of directors has already cleaned the project and he'll dedicate several resources to this as he may. He desires the new kiosks in place in 12 shops by the end of next year. The very best news is he's given you to brain up this project. Your first query should be, " Is it task management? ” This might seem fundamental, but puzzling projects with ongoing functions happens often. According to the Guide to the PMBOK, page some, " …a project can be described as temporary effort undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. ”

| NoteВ | Quotes from the Guide to the PMBOK are offered in the text with the pursuing abbreviation: Tips for the PMBOK: Project Managing Institute, Helpful information for the Task Management Body system of Knowledge (PMBOKВ® Guide) 2000 Edition, Job Management Start, Inc., 2000. | Assignments are non permanent in nature, while functions are recurring. Projects have got definitive commence dates and definitive end dates. The project is completed when the goals and objectives of the project are completed. Sometimes jobs end when it's determined that the goals and objectives may not be accomplished plus the project can be canceled. Procedures involve function that is continuous without an stopping date and quite often repeat the same process. Assignments exist to create about a product or service that hasn't existed ahead of. In this perception, a project is exclusive. However , do not get confused by term one of a kind. For example , Honda Motor Business is in the business of designing and putting together cars. Every model that Ford patterns and generates can be considered task management. The designs differ from one another in their features and are aimed toward people with various needs. An SUV will serve a different purpose and consumers than a high-class model. The design and promoting of these two models will be unique tasks. The actual assembly...

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