Hannah Amidei

Mr. Campbell

AP English, period 2

40, December 2014

" The World is actually much with us"

The poem starts with a complaint, saying that the earth is out of strike and that individuals are destroying themselves with consumerism. " The earth is too much with us" sounds peculiar, and could mean several things. It might mean that the earth – life in the city, contemporary contemporary society as in a lot more simply just too much. The " world" may refer to nature instead of the city, in which case it could mean that humanity is so active that they have no time for nature because " it's excessive. " Persons in today's world are much too lazy to walk anywhere, everyone drives. You rarely discover people strolling and bicycling places. It could possibly also mean mankind or society can be described as burden around the world, as in " will be certainly not enough space for both man plus the earth" or " mankind has disappointed a delicate stability. " The two meanings happen to be completely true, mankind has kind of destroyed the only planet we could live on. Our survival is the most important, but besides that, we have destroyed almost all of Earth's beauty. There are a lesser amount of forests, the waters are polluted and so forth " Later and soon" is a unusual phrase. It could mean " sooner or later, " or it may mean we've done this kind of recently or perhaps in the past and may do it down the road as well. Angrily, the speaker accuses the present day age of having lost its connection to characteristics and to anything meaningful: " Getting and spending, all of us lay squander our capabilities: / Tiny we see in Nature that is certainly ours; as well as We have offered our minds away, a sordid boon! ” He says that even though the sea " bares her bosom towards the moon” and the winds howl, humanity continues to be out of tune, and appears on uncaringly at the vision of the thunderstorm. The audio wishes that he were a pagan raised relating to a different eye-sight of the world, to ensure that, " standing on this pleasant lea, ” he might observe images of ancient gods rising from your waves, a sight that would cheer him greatly. This individual imagines...

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