Turki Essay

 Istanbul Article

Emir Sirkeci


Istanbul is definitely the largest town in Turkey and most croweded too. Turki connects two diffrent countinents a with bridge, they are Asia and Europe. My spouse and i chosed Istanbul because. Its where I live and i believe its one of the most beatiful metropolis in the world. There is not any such a town like Istanbul.

Istanbul connects two diffrent continents Asia and The european countries with Bosphorus bridge. To have your meal near the Bosphorus Bridge, the really beatiful you can feel the wind of Bosphorus watching the sea. Istanbul has chosen Capital of Culture news. Istanbul contains a lot of countys. Popular types are Taksim, Beyoglu, Besiktas, Kadıköoy.

Taksim is a great destination to visit the next day you can see the historical area of the Taksim, There is a lots of ancient Churchs and Mosques in taksim, and you can go to shopping. Taksim has a lengthy road which has a lot of Shops where you can purchase everything you need and Cafe where you can eat everything you desire. Shortly you can find everything you need at the Taksim. Nightlife in taksim is great too. There exists Night clubs, Pubs, Discos which can be good places to have fun.

On the other hand Istanbul provides great hisctorical side as well. Istanbul offers known as Constatninpole in the moments of Ottoman Empire. The Most popular kinds are Topkapı Palace that was build in 1459 pertaining to the Sultan. Sultan-Ahmed Mosque is a historical mosques in Istanbul. The mosque is usually knows because the Blue Mosques since too. Since for the blue floor tiles adorning them of their interior. This mosque is speacial since Sultan Ahmed Mosque received (six) Minarets which an excellent Architect.

I recommend this metropolis to everyone who is able to check out Istanbul. Istanbul is best town for ones who have love background fun. A lot of activites can done, for example eating fish with the Boshphorus close to the sea.

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