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This handout is to assist the pronunciation of a few words which crop up frequently when you are talking about Literature and Linguistics. What here had been collected inside the Advanced Oral Proficiency Course which targets topics from Literature and Lingistics; they can be frequently mispronounced. The focus of this handout is usually not on individual seems but on where the tension goes within a word. Case: The word " contents " has two syllables " con" and " tents " and so which provides the stress? This handout has three parts: (1) Test yourself (2) The right answers (3) Some tips

(1) Test out yourself

Mark clearly the stressed syllable: abbreviate decrease also although analogy evaluate analysis expert appalling properly Arabic affiliation autobiography


Fiona Ross – FindYourFeet. de categorical category Catholic compound (noun) contents 10 years decadent identify display best example (careful, it includes 4 syllables) facet Homer indistinct lexeme metaphor morpheme morphology mosaic narrate story narrator beginning original parentage philosophical idea phoneme phonemic proprietor romantic endeavors simile (careful, it has 3 syllables) variable variety change 2

Fiona Ross – FindYourFeet. de

(2) The right answers

I've capitalised the stressed syllable to make it clear. Take note that there are dissimilarities of thoughts and opinions on how words are split up into syllables. Do we pronounce " morpheme" because mor – pheme? Or do we pronounce it while morph – eme? Is usually is a – bbrev – i – a –tion? Or would it be ab – brev – i –a – tion? See the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary for a discourse on this. Regardless of, the pressured syllable remains the same. reduce abbreviAtion As well alTHOUGH example ANalyse aNALysis ANalyst aPPALLing aPPROPriately ARabic associAtion autobiOGraphy cateGORical CATegory CATHolic Substance (noun) Articles DECade DECadent diffeRENtiate screen e-PIT-o-me (careful, it has 5 syllables) FACet HOMer IndisTINCT LEXeme METaphor 3

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